Shiksha Mitra Scheme as para teachers for U.P. Basic Shiksha Parishadiya Primary Schools

Need :

Universalization of elementary education.

Non availability of minimum 2 teachers for each parishadiya primary schools.

Deployment problem in rural interior schools.

Teacher Pupil Ratio is very high in rural areas. To maintain teacher pupil ratio as per norms in remote areas.

To involve VEC support in primary education.

Objectives of the scheme :

To provide minimum two teachers in each parishadiya primary school.

To minimise the teacher pupil ratio up to the norms.

To make provision for local youths to serve their community.

To ensure active participation of Village Education Committee in primary education.

To make provision for local educated ladies to serve in schools & promote Community confidence in girls education.

To increase retention of children.

To ensure enrolment of out of school children by focussing Shiksha Mitras on largest classes I & II in schools.

To obtain, aim of five teachers per school, in 3:2 ratio of regular teachers & Shiksha Mitras.

Assumption of Shiksha Mitra Scheme :

It is a Government of Uttar Pradesh scheme & applicable to all Parishadiya Primary Schools since 1 July, 2000.

1. Willing & qualified teachers are not available for primary schools in remote village of backward areas.

2. Arrangement for primary education through young persons having education up to Intermediate belonging to the same village and willing to serve the community.

3. Local person through rigorous training can serve and teach up to class 2nd easily.

Shiksha Mitra
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